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Provider Enrollment/ Credentialing

Gencoding experts and experienced team takes care of multiple documents; managing timely submissions; and accurate & rapid credentialing quite hassle-free, leading to profitability as our services costs and saves time.

Credentialing encompasses obtaining hospital or facility privileges, as well as successfully enrolling in health plans as a participating provider.

Provider Enrollment/ Credentialing is the certification of knowledge, capability, passion and willingness to deliver medical care. The credentialing procedure is used by healthcare companies as a part of their employment process and by insurance companies to permit the provider to take part in their network. Credentialing is authentication of a provider in a confidential health plan and the agreement to join the network. Without effective credentialing, provider remuneration for medical services can be overdue and, even denied.

These guidelines confirms that healthcare providers have experienced rigid inspection with respect to their capability and appropriateness, thus making sure that the patients obtain the maximum level of healthcare.